Leftover • waiter jacket • white


Mens white waiter jacket / shirt in recycled material

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The idea and concept Leftover is based specific on Circular Economy.

Leftover is a men’s wear brand. The design is pure and clean. Basic with twist and attitude. The price-level is medium to high. Our ambition: Leftover is available in the best stores in EU, Asia and USA.

DFD is the leading Scandinavian industrial laundry group. DFD is our supplier of discarded fabrics and our strategic partner. We call these fabrics “Secondary Materials”.

All fabrics used by DFD are in a very high quality. The fabrics are all produced to last for a large number of washes. The Secondary Materials are all individually sorted by hand at the production facility. Fabrics with holes, marks or other visible signs of wear and tear will be used for other purposes.

Following fractions from DFD are used for production of Leftover

Heavy white bedline

Blue dishwasher´s aprons

Black and grey waiter´s aprons

The production is locally based in Poland. All prints are one/off hand-printed by Danish artists. The used textile colors are toxic-free.

Founder of Leftover, Klaus Samsøe, has been working with upcycling of Secondary Materials for more than 25 years. Since 2002 in cooperation with DFD. This long lasting focus of upcycling results in comprehensive knowledge in this specific field.


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