BWF • Peter • Leather Biker Jacket


Black leather biker jacket, in 98% recycled leather

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A new leather jacket made of used leather jackets. With lining of recycled plastic and buttons of remelted metal. 98% up-cycling. For both women and men.

Probably the world’s most sustainable leather jacket.

98% REUSE – 100% UNIQUE

The leather industry is one of the most toxic industries in the world. Because of the chemicals it uses, it generates a huge environmental cost. Chromium, known to be carcinogenic, is used in large amounts, and the same is true for acids, sodium and ammonia salts – that’s without mentioning the huge number of animals, who die in the process!

BWF is the alternative to traditional leather production because we don’t use any chemicals and insignificant amount of water and no animal has to die. Buy a BWF jacket so we can hold on to the hope for a greener world.

BWF we believe in people. We refuse to believe that there are consumers who deliberately want to pollute, since with BWF there is an alternative.


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